Deepak Dhakal – Forever Trek Nepal

Deepak Dhakal

Exploring new places, people and culture was his passion from his childhood. This made him more curious and later he decided to work in the tourism sector of Nepal. He was just 17 when he started carrying bags for others i.e he started working as a porter which was just after he finished his school days. After that, he kept on working on mountains and also continued his high school and university. His continuous effort, dedication and curiosity on his work made him a good guide among many of our clients today.T ill now its been  7 years he has been working on this same field but he had not limited himself only with us, he has been working from various other company as well but he will be available for you from our company when needed. He has been to almost each and every corner of Nepal. He has a command on English, Nepali, Hindi and Japanese as well(can establish two-way communication on Japanese). He has his own motto that made him famous among his guests on the high mountains trails i.e “NO WORRY, NO HURRY”.He is one of the leading guides of our company, so feel free to take him as your guide.