Makalu Base Camp Trek – Forever Trek Nepal


  • Duration : 19 Days
  • Max Elevation: 4870 mt.
  • Trip Grade: Moderate
  • Best Time: September to November and March to May
  • Group Size Min: 01Pax
  • Accommodation: Tea House & Home stay
  • Start & End: Tumlingtar to Tumlingtar
  • Destination: Nepal

Makalu Base Camp Trekking is an awe-inspiring trekking destination in the eastern part of Nepal which is challenging and marvelous camping trail. It is most impressive in spring when the flower blooms amazing red, pink, blue-purple, white, and yellow. The trekking takes the trekkers to the most remote part of Nepal which is adventurous the picturesque beauty of surroundings keeps the trekkers fresh and tireless. The Makalu trekking is another popular destination in Nepal and this trek is a perfect trek for adventure seekers who want to explore the isolated areas of the Himalayan country and learn about the Himalayan culture and lifestyle of the people living in the higher altitude. With the wide variety of altitude and climate, this base camp trekking is wealthy with many plants and animals in Nepal and spreading human habitats. And it offers an exceptional opportunity to explore high-altitude terrains, snow-clad landscapes, and ethnic Himalayan lifestyle. Through many people keeps their interest in this trek but this region attracts only a few trekkers during a year due to its remote accessibility and off-the-beaten-track. The sub-tropical valley floor of the mighty river is in place densely forested, contrasting with the terraced slopes higher up which are framed by villagers of diverse tribal groups.

Makalu Base Camp Trekking is a physically challenging trek that surely brings out your spirit of adventure which gives an opportunity to know about the culture, traditions, and the lifestyle of the Sherpa people. The trail then drops through farmland and Sherpa villages. We have a great chance to know about the lifestyle of the Sherpa people because these people are the local inhabitant of this wonderful land. In this wonderful land, most of the people are influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. Trekking leads to different landscapes, green pine forest, pure nature and splendid views of many peak giants. The trek also offers the opportunity to experience the diverse flora and fauna and visit the Buddhist monasteries in the world. The unique blend of outdoor adventure and culture expeditions is a great way for you to experiences the Himalayan region of Nepal. Along the trail, you will encounter many monasteries, prayer flags and prayer wheels, main wall and other evidence of the spiritual awareness of the inhabitant. You will have eye-catching views of the mountain like Mt Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, and many other mountains of this land. For trekking in this route, mostly March to May and September to December season is very much suitable.

Outline Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

Day 02: Fly to Tumlingtar then drive to Chichira (1,980m) 3 -4 hours

Day 03: Trek to Num (1,560m) 6-7 hours

Day 04: Trek to Seduwa (1,500m) 6-7 hours

Day 05: Trek to Tashigaon (2,100m) 4-5 hours

Day 06: Trek to Khongma Danda (3,500m) 6-7 hours

Day 07: Rest day in Khongma Danda

Day 08: Trek to Dobate 6-7 hours

Day 09: Trek to Yangri Kharka (3,557m) 6-7 hours

Day 10: Trek to Langmale Kharka (4,410m) 5-6 hours

Day 11: Trek to Makalu Base Camp (4,870m) 6-7 hours

Day 12: Rest day in Makalu Base Camp

Day 13: Trek to Yangri Kharka 6-7 hours

Day 14: Trek to Dobate 6-7 hours

Day 15: Trek to Khongma Danda 5-6 hours

Day 16: Trek to Tashigaon 4-5 hours

Day 17: Trek to Seduwa 4-5 hours

Day 18: Trek to Num 5-6 hours

Day 19: Trek to Tumlingtar 6-7 hours

Day 20: Fly to Kathmandu

Day 21: Final departure


Forever Trek Nepal provides the best of adventure in the Himalaya of Nepal with our prompt management and skilled local field staff to center only the best to you. From a thousand trekking agencies in Nepal who pledge to offer a similar service for the adventure holidays in Nepal and they are operating adventure packages to the nature lover and adventure seeker clients from around the world. This trekking company is a fully licensed and registered company in the government of Nepal. If you an active experiences amongst spectacular scenery, natural wonders and fascinating culture in Nepal. Forever Trek Nepal offers attractive salary packages to guides, porters and other trekking staffs. We tailor your visit to your exact requirement. It has been continually growing as a leading adventure trekking operator the trek and it offers several outdoor and indoor travel activities for suitable holidays in Nepal. We are here to help you make it easy.

Choosing Forever Trek Nepal will certainly benefit you in more than one ways. We primarily focus on safety issues and ensure you are always safe while traveling with us. As a team of experienced guides and travel members serve our best for your adventure holidays in the land of the Himalayas and many rural sponsor children have expressed a desire to get involved in our trekking and expedition business. We have been around long enough to know our client needs expectations and what it takes to organize the trip of the lifetime. We provide many adventure holiday packages including trekking, tour, peak climbing, rafting, and various other activities in competitive price.

Nepal trekking season generally is known best as two seasons after falls and after the winter and the most popular times with optimal trekking, experiences are divided into two peak seasons. The different terrain and climatic zones of Nepal allow for different types of adventures and tour to be operated throughout the year. The high mountains are still cold and lower elevations are still warm but the daytime walking temperatures are the most pleasant overall. The season of Nepal is not like where you experience an unending marathon of dryness. It was after opening the arms of Nepal for foreign tourism that it saw an increase of tourist from all over the globe travelling to Nepal for their holidays. It is one of the most important and most exciting parts about planning your trip. Trekking activities can be done for the whole year in Nepal and there are some selective seasons for Nepal for such activities.

The different terrain and climatic zones of Nepal allow for different types of adventure and tours to be operated throughout the year. The mountain views are crystal clear and it is appropriate to trek in the high altitude. It is geographical diversity has divided the season in Nepal into five weather zones and there is another best season of trekking Nepal after winter when sun getting more warmer in the springtime may the trekkers to the Himalayas can again enjoy comfortable climate conditions. Each season in Nepal will deliver a different looking landscape, environment, and experiences.

Regardless of the trek, they choose and all the travellers coming to Nepal should be in at least moderate physical shape before setting off on their trek. Throughout the physical fitness is an important part of any outdoor activity. You do not need to be an athlete or marathon runner to enjoy the trekking in Nepal Himalayas. Physical fitness is probably less of an issue at the start than you might think and most of the people fitness for their age can complete our trek. To enjoy Trekking and Aventures its best get yourself in good physical shape for the activity to undertaken walking up and down of the gorge. There is a fine balance between trekking too much and too little, especially considering that you need to equip yourself for all extremes of the climate.

Walking isn’t really something associated with fitness useless you are carrying a lot of extra weight or have some sort of issue stopping you from walking. Trekking in Nepal is walking holidays at your pace enjoying the Himalayan vista and cultural contrast to its fullest. The physical endurance required to accomplish a trek differs from one to another. The amount of physical preparation necessary depends on the treks someone wants to do. The Treks are not running competition but walking holidays for people of all ages. Trek training by definition means that you will strengthen major body and treks in the Himalaya present a sustainable physical challenge and the more fit you are before you start.

Nepal is rich in natural beauty with numerous gifts of natural resources and there are many places and things of cultural, historical, and religious importance. Tipping is not a universal custom and not everyone is comfortable with it. It is additional expenses you want to give to the service provider when you are pleased and safety with their service. The help you accomplish a safe and memorable experience. The average service worker in Nepal may not expect a tip and partly to be polite and partly due to the desire to save face. If we are happy the service provides it is good to offer some tips. You would like to give to the service provider when you are happy or satisfy with their service. Usually, the tip is given to that person who is directly involved with your service.

Tipping can also vary based on the activity and you may want to tip a trekking and mountaineering guide extra for their skill set. You may want to give the head guide a bonus as well as for overseeing everything and if you are booking with a tour company then ask how many guides and porters are there before booking. Travelling to the country with a unique culture, lifestyle, and religion is a tempting experience. This is a nice gesture to leave a tip to show appreciation for their service. Most of the client returns with satisfaction and promise to come back again because of the friendly nature of guides and local people which make your trip more enjoyable.

Trekking in Nepal has become one of the most adventuresome activities to do for many people for their vacation and without at least some pre-trip training, or a good basic level of fitness and trekking is hard work. The more you enjoy something, the more motivated you will be to do it. The deep gorges, cliffs, cascading waterfalls, winding rivers, ethnic groups, and their age-long civilization and culture and endangered species of flora and fauna are the prominent highlights of Trekking. Trekking and Adventures are entirely based on the mountain trail through picturesque ethnic settlements and lush green forest. It is hard to trek in Nepal, the routes are very remote and the facilities are not so great and it is impossible to tell how an individual will do in the oxygen-deprived atmosphere. You need to prepare well physically and mentally before your venture into the high altitude.

Trekking can be easy as a pie or it can be hard as diamond and it all depends on your effort. Trekkers embark on it successfully without any specific training or prior experience of the trek and the regular workout and movement of your body tends to have a positive effect on the internal biology as well. And trekking is available to anyone you just have to be sensible and work a bit for it and walking with a group comes with great benefits like making new friends. And it also helps provide motivation to get out and train. The trekking trips vary from day-hiking or easy to strenuous. The best way to prepare for high altitude trekking is to practices exacting that high altitude and distance hikes in your hometown.

Trekking in the mountain is a rewarding and unforgettable experience which is important to keep your safety in mind. The most important thing with travel insurance is the fine print and trekking in Nepal is very rewarding and a lifetime experience. Nepal undoubtedly is a country of spectacular beauty and it has been recognized as a top trekking destination in the world. Some of these are emergency evacuation from an altitude. While we talk about the safety aspect of trekking adventure in Nepal and you can be assured that travelling here is a safer experience. They are absolutely honest whom you can trust your life and it has to cover the highest altitude. It will be easy enough and the best way for safe travel here in Nepal. It is safe to travel in Nepal, however, trekking means all about travelling into the remote part of the country.

We have emergency and rescue helicopter service in case it is needed. You need to follow the guideline given by the government and by the trekking company and by the guide. They will ensure that you do not have any feeling of insecurity throughout your trek or tour. A traveller falling for this ruse is not as unusual as you might expect. It is also important that not only you but the porter and guides you use are insured too and the travellers are requested not to travel single, especially the female traveller. And we also recommend you not to drink alcohol at a high altitude because it dehydrates you and increases the risk of the altitude sickness.

Nepal Trekking should be on the bucket list of every adventurous soul that walks in the earth and walking through beautiful landscapes and experiencing many cultures. It will certainly be an adventure of a lifetime and you need proper practice and training for the process. There is an easy way and hard way to figure out how much your trek in Nepal will cost and the slightly more time-consuming way but more cost-effective method that ensure a better trek. If you are looking for the very cheap to travel in the world then Nepal is certainly close to the top and to decide the right kind of budget for your trip involves careful thoughtful planning. Along with the increasing altitude, many factors including the cost of food and drinks also vary. There are many trekking routes in Nepal and each will give you a unique experience while trekking to the diversity of Nepal.

The cost is nearly similar in every mountainous area and you can visit the country during the appropriate season. According to our experience, we advise you to carry sufficient cash with you. There are variable like in the real world and the time of year is one example. The actual prices are the same and not to the inflation-adjusted ones. Trekking in Nepal cost some of the lowest in the world and during the time of trekking, you can spend little more than a few dollars a day. Under the circumstances, it is difficult to give an exact daily budget.

Manual Note:

Client Reviews

Name: Charles Dewhurst

From: London, England

I, Charles Dewhurst, came to Forever Trek Nepal looking to complete the Everest Base Camp trek in December 2017. From the initial contact made with Hari Basnet, I found the whole experience professional, courteous and fun. My guide and porter were a pleasure to have on the Trek and they made my Trek far more than just another Trek. I definitely will be back and will certainly go back to Forever Trek Nepal soon.

Name: Eva From Sweden

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Our fabulous Guide From Nepal Hallo Hari. Congratulations on your new company. I hope and I do believe it will prosper. You are such a good guide and will be a good organizer for trekking. I will absolutely recommend Forever trek Nepal to all persons I know who are interested to go to Nepal

Name: Amil staward

From: Victoria, Australia

When we meet Hari we feel we are already success our trekking to the Everest Base camp. he is so nice guide and so funny, intelligent, he has so much power for how to make clients happy and made them reach their destination. we have been together for 22 days Everest base camp and Ghorepani trek. we feel not even 22 hours with him. me and my wife been there he made us extremely happy during our holiday in Nepal. I am sure that I am going again to contact him for our next holiday. and I will tell to my friends also to go there. thank you, Shari, for your big help for our trip.

Name: kerry jr Ryan

From: Madrid, Spain

We were been Everest Base camp trek 2016 in May with my Family. we so confused to choose the company around. finally, we decided to contact Forever Trek Nepal Pvt.Ltd. family. and came to Nepal when we exit from the airport one of the staff standing in the airport with our name list. he brings us to the hotel then to the company. where we meet Hari Basnet. Hari told us about our program and vhimsen bring us to the Himalaya. there are many difficulties during the trekking but Vhim solves the Every difficult with easy way. finally, we realize that Forever Trek Nepal Pvt.Ltd is the company is one of the trustable and reliable companies run by so friendly people. we are so lucky to find this company and we will recommend going there for other clients also. definitely, if we go there again for our next holiday.

Name: Sally Tucker

From: Sidny, Australia

greeting from Australia. the first time we went to Nepal and sharing our wonderful experience my holiday 2016 April. before leaving my country contact Forever Trek Nepal team. they sent bhim to pick up me in the airport then he brings me to the hotel. where I meet hari basnet from Forever Trek. he told me all the program of day by day and introduce with vhim my trekking guide. next day went to pokhara and start trekking for 9 days. vhim told me day program every in the evening time it was so nice. there is so many beautiful mountains and landscape as well as cultural diversity around Annapurna base camp trail. in free time we play card something Nepali game  it make me more comfortable in the mountains. vhim asking me every 30 minute ke xa  in Nepali ? (how are you ) and we replied thick xa ( fine).

It was so nice time with them spending 9 days feel like 9 minute. they are so nice team who can organize your trip perfectly. we will recommend  to go there for other my friends also and definitely we will contact them for next time to Nepal also . thank you Vhim  and Forever team .