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Home Stay Trekking

Home Stay Trekking is new, unique, and different than other trekking trips in Nepal which give the more opportunity for trekkers to see and fell the genuine culture, tradition, and the lifestyle of the people from the remote area. Trekking through the beautiful valley, waterfall, panoramic views of the great Himalayas and certain day home stay with traditional Nepalese family and the visitor also experience the local culture of the local people. It is an opportunity to know the Nepalese culture and daily lifestyle in a much closer way with firsthand experience. In this trekking a living arrangement with a mass family who offers an extra private guestroom or space for clients. There is a still several hidden home stay area in Nepal which is promoting that is pure beauty and through the stunning natural scenery. This tour in Nepal village is the best tour which gives an opportunity to learn various ethnic groups by interacting with them. The classic trend of exploring Nepal by staying in lodges or camping on open grounds was much substituted by home stay. This is another way of tourism industries to group up in the small Himalayan country and this type of trekking helps to grow the society to the remote area economically and socially.

Home Stay Trekking is most commonly used by foreign who wants local culture and lifestyle of the local people and the lifestyle, way of thinking, way of doing things, and handwork chapters in Nepal. Tourist can help boost the local economy by visiting these villages and staying with the local people. Trekking in this region offers good scenery of both high mountains and lowland villages. These mountains loom in the distance throughout you trek giving you a true Himalayan range. The most interesting fact about the trek is that it can make at any season even in the rainy season. Their specific traditional lifestyle and practices, ethnic stone-housed village and their sound hospitality will make your trek unforgettable. Not only the cultural diversity but we will also have an opportunity to see the wonderful views of the mountain, beautiful landscapes, flora, and fauna of this route. The many trekking regions in Nepal all feature unique and exotic aspects and elements that making visiting regions are exciting affairs. The trail is unspoiled and trekkers can enjoy the area without any disturbance. The green lush valleys with the sensational views of the mountain around this wonderful region are definitely worth a short to long walk. For trekking in this route, mostly March to May and October to December season is very much suitable.