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Lest Touristic and Most Beautiful Guerrilla Trekking

Guerilla trek is recently introduced trek in Nepal. Myagdi, Rukum and Rolpa are the areas of this trek. Some remote districts of Nepal are badly affected from the ten years long moist insurgency in Nepal. Now a day’s moist affected areas are becoming a central attraction in the trekking world of Nepal. Hidden important aspects of the moist insurgency are in this destination.  So to know this Guerilla trek trip is introduced in Nepal.

Guerilla trek in Nepal begins from Myagdi. Our way passes through moist affected areas of Nepal. Some of them are Babiyachaur, Darbang, Takam, Thangkur, Kayam, Maikot, Archalgaun, Kharwang, Chhipkhola, Marine, Ghurjaghat, Dhorpatan and Pipalmel. Moist rebels frequently used this route during insurgency so it was called Guerilla trek. The courageous story, war strategy of the moist rebels and the suffering of the victimized people can be known in this place. Finally, after knowing all this, we will unknowingly reach to Rolpa which will be the ending point of our trek.

The route of Guerilla trek goes from several local villages. There every trekker can learn the various things about the moist insurgency. Moist rebels and war victimized local people can be seen during this trek who can give us knowledge of many things of the moist insurgency. The main theme of doing Guerilla trek is to know the story about the moist insurgency in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is always on your front foot to help you by fulfilling your desire to trekking in Guerilla area whole year. We will make your trekking days according to the schedule of your holiday. Good trekking guide with a license is sent with you who will surely help you to fulfil your dream to visit in Guerilla trekking area.