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Pilgrim Site Trekking

Pilgrim Site Trekking is an excellent way to explore the Himalaya’s pilgrimage destinations which are mainly visited by devotes time to time during the special occasion. Experiences the breathtaking beauty of the snow-capped Himalayas, and trek along deep valleys and gets an out of the world experience which is both physically and spiritually charging. Nepal has heritage and pilgrimage sites as well that are very important to the people and their distinctive and respective culture and as Nepal has several ancient pilgrimage site and they all are attached to the legends that glorify the miraculous powers of its deity. The small country Nepal has a history of thousand years before the civilization of humans, during the time of god; some of the most prominent Hindu pilgrimages are here in Nepal. Nepal is a country where each temple, Stupa, gumba, and idol has its own legends about the supernatural power of its deities. In Nepal, mainly in Kathmandu valley Hindu temples and monasteries are around the valley. Pilgrimage tour in Nepal takes you almost religious tour in Nepal. We provide all possible help and guidelines to make your holidays enjoyable and hassle-free and we also offer to customize treks and tours for individual and group.

Pilgrim Site Trekking in Nepal provides you a chance to visit almost all the religious tour of Nepal and Nepal is also known as a land of god and goddess and one of the scared spiritual places in the world. There are many Pilgrimages sites related to Lord Shiva in Nepal. It has heritage and pilgrimage sites as well that are very important to the people and their distinctive and respective culture. The trekking and tour involve traveling to religious sites for pilgrimage where we visit Temple, Stupa, Chorten; monasteries can be an enriching experience for any traveler. It is one of the best trekking trails in the world which is situated in the middle part of Nepal and the western part from the capital city. A combination of snow-capped peaks, crystal clear blue lakes, Chaotic Rivers with deep gorges, sacred Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries, hot spring, and wonderful villages. Trekking in this region offers good scenery of both high mountains and lowland villages. This is regarded as an easy trek relatively from where we can see magnificent views of the mountain. There are easily available guest houses and hotels during the trek. The trek also offers the opportunity to experience the diverse flora and fauna and visit the Buddhist monasteries in the world. Trekking in this region is the best way to explore Himalayan people’s lifestyle, ancient monasteries, culture, and beliefs.