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Wilderness Trekking

Wilderness Trekking is the thrilling adventure of wildlife trail in Nepal which takes you to some unexplored and unspoiled region of Nepal where we will have an opportunity to explore untouched part of Nepal. Trekkers can explore many interesting ethnic group a mixed lifestyle offer you a glimpse into real Nepali lifestyle. This trek gives visitors an opportunity to observe the closest quarter and amalgamate with locals. Trekking in this area is as much a cultural experience as a physical and visual one. On these routes, we meet and enjoy the beauty of many high mountains and we trek through beautiful forests which are found below the cooler high Himalayans. Nepal is a beautiful and adventurous country in the world and many trekkers and tourist visit the small heaven for various trekking and holidays purpose. The people living in this region are Tibetan descendants who migrated across border centuries ago and they are basically poor and live in remote and small isolated village that make their livelihood rearing animals and farming. The country is full packages of whatever you would wish for it in a perfect tour of a geographically and culturally diversified country like Nepal. For trekker who wishes to explore the unseen and unspoiled regions of Nepal the wilderness treks.

Wilderness Trekking is popular treks in the remote Himalayan part of Nepal which most challenging and exciting trekking as well as. It offers you the most spectacular views of snow-capped Himalayas and the virgin beauty of the nature. Trekking in this region offers good scenery of both high mountains and lowland villages. These mountains loom in the distance throughout you trek giving you a true Himalayan range. The most interesting fact about the trek is that it can make at any season even in the rainy season. This region is well known for the most dramatic natural scenery, deep valleys, gorge, high mountain passes, and the sub-tropical of this route. This region exists fairly to Tibet where you can experience the heavy influence of the country in the way of life. At the time of trekking, we will have an opportunity to see the wonderful views of the mountain, beautiful landscapes, and the lush forest of rhododendron, pine, and oak. Not only the cultural diversity but we will also have an opportunity to see the wonderful views of the mountain, beautiful landscapes, flora, and fauna of this route. Trekking in this region is the best way to explore Himalayan people’s lifestyle, ancient monasteries, culture, and beliefs. We get an opportunity to see the grand number of natural gadgets such as hidden valleys, Pristine River, calm lakes and eye-catching waterfalls which will undoubtedly and tremendous excitements in our trekking because nature is really so kind with this region.