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Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is known as Trekkers Paradise on Earth. To perform trek hundreds of thousands of adventure aspirants visit Nepal every year. Nepal has offered the best trekking route in the world. Unique trekking spot, wonderful cultural heritages, Natural beauty, hard-core peak and incredible biodiversity are all available in Nepal. Trekking on the land of Nepal, you get new, thrilling, adventurous, amazing and exciting experience. Different types of trekking can be done in Nepal i.e. short, easy, normal, long, camping, peak climbing etc. This is the best way to catch natural and cultural beauty, people of different languages, religion, culture, ethnic group and undistributed vast geographical situation of Nepal.

Most treks in Nepal are normally done in between altitude of 1000 and 4000 m. some routes touch 5000 m. Famous trekking trails of Nepal are Annapurna trekking region, Everest trekking region and Langtang Trekking Region. Wilderness Trek is a distributed part of all these regions. Maximum of them are in rural area. These are organized especially in the teahouse. Forest of Rhododendron (national flower), drylands, alpine, bamboo, rocky hills, snowcapped passes, glacier and frozen lakes are included in trekking route of every region. These routes are designed focusing on them who want to have experience of high hills, wildlife enjoying in nature, mountains ranges and lifestyle how people leave in the countryside. It will obviously be difficult to walk in Humpty Dumpty zigzag trial.

Trekking in the route of Nepal is mostly favourable any days of the year. Most important thing is that you should be with expert guides knowing all trekking information. You may be confused in trekking and climbing. Both are different. Trekking is to walk in the free road with some locations and climbing refers to reach summits specified choose peaks.

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