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Tour in Nepal is one of the most popular activities which can be done within the territory of Nepal. Nepal is one of the small countries which are located in the Southern part of Asia. The amazing and magnificent sight of the Himalayas and diversity of the beautiful landscapes all are beyond human imaginations. The Himalayan country Nepal is popular for the tour, trekking, and mountaineering which are widely diversified from the plain semi-tropical area to the high altitude Himalayas. The best view of glorious mountains, picturesque village landscapes, and ever-flowing rivers are some of the things that drive every one visiting Nepal to return back here and explore this land again. The most amazing and interesting destinations for tour activities and Nepal is one of the famous for the sightseeing tour. We also offer distant excursions to incredible natural beauty spots of consequential opulence of fantastic views with cultural diversities covering the whole of the country. This tour is the best way to experiences Nepal for people those are traveling Nepal for short time or are on transit and have only one day or few days to wander around Kathmandu. Nepal is a popular travel destination for a day hiking tour in South Asia and has various options for travelers.

Tour in Nepal is the unlimited touristic activities available in the best affordable fees make Nepal the exotic touring destinations. This tour gives the glimpse of the historical, cultural and natural aspect of the country. We will take you to places where you can enjoy most spectacular mountain views, the historical monuments, traditional Hindu and Buddhist temples and experience wonderful Nepalese hospitality in the remote areas. The culture and majestic mountain views of Nepal within a single day. You can enjoy the Himalaya scenic view, natural landscapes and also comb the jungles for various wild animals. The short hikes to beautiful green forests, brilliant walks in the outskirts of the valley or extreme sports adventurous like river rafting, bungee jumping, or mountain flight to view mountain where we will make your day trip in Nepal a wonderful experience. It is perfect and one of the best tailors made a package that covers some of the major highlighted destinations. Not only the cultural diversity but we will also have an opportunity to see the wonderful views of the mountain, beautiful landscapes, flora, and fauna of Nepal. The day tours are not to the depth but also it comprises almost all the scenic and hidden parts of the region of the visit.