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best time to visit Nepal

Best time to visit Nepal

The best time to visit Nepal is between October and December as the skies are generally clear and the views spectacular. However, the weather remains dry until about April. January and February can be very cold, especially at night and in the morning, but will reward you with incredible panoramas and quieter trekking trails as there are fewer visitors. Late spring is a wonderful time to travel as the beautiful rhododendrons burst into bloom. Heat and humidity levels build from May until the monsoon rains arrive in June and the clouds obscure the glorious mountain views. Nepal celebrates festivals all year, so there is often a festival or pilgrimage taking place – ask your specialist for more details as the dates often change from year to year.

Winter (December – February)

Winter (December – February) brings cold weather at higher elevations but it is a great time to visit Nepal for crystal clear skies. Treks in the lower Himalayan foothills are perfect in winter, and so are the jungles of Chitwan and Bardia in the south of Nepal.

Spring (March-May)

Spring (March-May) is a recommended time to go trekking in Nepal, as temperatures climb firmly and the weather favors to be more stable. Trails are more crowded, however, and the skies can be a bit dull at times. Spring highlights great festivals, including Holi and Nepalese New Year in March and April respectively.

Summer (June – August)

Summer (June – August) is the monsoon season and brings hot, wet weather, with most trekking areas seeing cloudy skies and rainfall. Trek such as Upper Mustang or Nar Phuin in the “rain shadow” of the Himalaya is recommended at this time of year. The Yarthung Horse Festival takes place in June in Manang.

Fall (September – November)

Fall (September – November) is the most popular trekking season as the weather is usually calm, temperatures are modest, and skies favor to be clear. The crowds are at their peak since the weather situations are at their best. It also features big festivals of Nepalese like Dashain (October) and Tihar (November).