Forever Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
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Terms and Conditions

Before doing trek it is very necessary to read terms and conditions. It is just like agreement. It gives you all information and details. Everyone is requested to study company rules and regulations. It is suitable for every trekker. Terms and condition connect us in clear way. This is related to your reservation in health, insurance policy, cancellation and booking charge, passport visas and departure. Read clearly about the information. If there is any problem solve with us. Agreement of trekkers and company are done with this terms and conditions. It is applied in your tours with Forever Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd.


Healths of customers are first and most important things. There should not be any carelessness in health. You should be physically fit and fine for trek. Doing any trip in poor health condition is beyond the law of trekking. Our team Forever Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd. suggests you to have all medical checkups before doing any trips in Nepal.

Insurance Policy

Insurance is done in any tour of Nepal. Expedition and peak climbing is quite risky activity. Our every step leads us to high altitude. So we should have insurance for our every step. Our effort is to give guarantee of safety to each individual. For insurance just review and choose best travel agency in Nepal.

Booking & Cancellation Changes

To book with us, you just have to assure 20% to for our company. It is just advance money. Transactions are not subtracted for your trip. Cancellation of trip will not be paid back as your accommodation and food will be already booked. To cancel any trip, there should be notification before 20 days you begin your trip. There are notices of all detail information.

Passport & Visas

Your passport must have validity of more than 6 months. You get visas of Nepal from Nepalese embassy of in your country. Or in the entrance of Kathmandu you can also get. Visa charges are taken in calculation of your particular activity performing in Nepal. It is quite easy process in doing.

100% Guaranteed Trip Departure

It is our duty and responsibility to leave you back safely. There is 100% Guarantee of trip departure. You will be safely departure on your last day. In same day there will be trip reservation. Minimum people are in our group. There is no affect of cancellation of trip by less number of people. Without them we can run successful trip.

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