Forever Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Once you not Enough Beauti of Nature top of World

Team Work

Name : CEO & Shankar Pande

Hello everyone it’s me Shankar Pandey founder of Forever Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd. I am a freelance trekking guide of Nepal In 2001 AD. my journey was started in sector of Travel and Tourism. My experiences in land of Nepal have been more than a decade’s in doing Normal Trekking Guide, Independent Trekking Guide, Freelance Trekking Guide and Mountain Guide. Forever Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is my legal association fully associated by Nepal association of Tourism Board. I have license of full authority to run this company. I have fluent English language. In complement of better communication skills I can speak some other language. My experiences of freelance trekking guide have made me famous in most of the trekking association of Nepal. Till now more than 1000s of tourist have…

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Name : Executive Director

Hari Basnet who founded Forever Trek Nepal Pvt.Ltd  He is from remote hilly  area Jyamrung, Dhading mid-west Nepal. who have been working Nepal Mountains past over 10 years.first started from the porter, kitchen boy,Sherpa,Second guide, government license holder trekking guide,became city guide Around the Kathmandu Nepal from the another company. he got more encourage to export tourism in Nepal.all his service made him realized to organize own company.he is a director of forever trek Nepal Pvt.Ltd situated Naya Bazaar Kathmandu Nepal.he finished his bachelor degree in tourism management. he can speak fluently English,Hindi and guiding tourist all the Himalayan region he has so much Experience about local people and their culture.he would love to be in high altitude and been  6400m from the sea level. further information  

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Name : Trekking Guide

Karan Rai permanently he is from solukhubhu district pawai village. since 9 years he is working in Tourism from the porter, Sherpa, Second Guide and as a guide. he knows the almost all part of the Everest region and he have been almost 6000 m above the sea level. he is so sincerely and hard working under the pressure as well as  fluent English Speaking person. we know him since 5 years and we take him to the mountain with our group. he would like to gain your trusted in Nepal tourism.

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Travel Guide Info

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