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Bungee jumping in Nepal


Nepal consists of vast geographical land structure. In this land of Nepal we can perform many adventurous activities. In list of adventurous activity bungee jumping is in head list. Many countries like New Zealand, America, and Australia etc had made artificial bungee jumping. But in Nepal it is done in natural place. We are provided with view of natural beauty all around us. All over world the length of bungee rope is 2nd highest rope. In literacy meaning of Bungee is the rubber rope used for jumping. The process of throwing down one’s body tied by rubbers rope in leg and hip to fly in for short period of time from highest point is known as Bungee Jumping. The task of jumping, bouncing and pulling is completed only in 5 enchanting minute. This experience will be life time memorable.

Bungee jumping is done in northern part of Kathmandu. It is just 160 km far from Kathmandu. We do this task just over Bhote Koshi River. It is close to Nepal – china border at Barabise. We reach our destination with a drive of 3 hours. Full activity of Bungee Jumping is organized by trust worthy organization. It is a risky task. Accident may occur in doing this task. So it is prohibited in maximum countries. It is done in very safe way and legal in Nepal. There is no any record of minor incident happened in the context of Nepal. It’s all because of professional guide having experience of more than 10 years. For this we need to have enough guts. Only then we perform our task.

Bungee Jumping in Nepal is favorable in any days of year. If you are willing to do Bungee Jumping, just have a link with Forever Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd. You are fully secured with our team. We provide expert guides. Your management of all document verification, better accommodation is all done by our team. Every things and steps are taken as for your wish.

Day Trip 

After the Break fast  we Drive you to the Sindhupalchock where the Bungee jump and after the Program we drive you back to the Hotel to Kathmandu.

Manual Note :

Once you conform our team will manage everything for your suitable Trip in Nepal.