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Arun Valley Trekking


Arun valley is beautiful trekking route of Nepal. Arun valley is in between Everest and Makalu region. This route is walked for Makalu trekking region. This area is enriched with natural beauty and cultural heritages. Spectacular views of Mt. Amadablam, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Nuptse, Mt.Thamserku and many other beautiful mountain ranges are our main attraction of trekking route. Mostly our step goes on dense forest. Here we are offered with different species of animals and birds. They can be seen playing on forest. This area is home for 800 species of butterfly and more than 650 species of birds. Beautiful incense from sweet flowers gives us more energy to walk.

Tumlingtar is our both starting and ending point of trek. We take flight up to there . From our flight we view glorious mountainous views with greenery hills. From here we walk in forest area and achieve our forested destination. For this we settle in many villages i.e. Bhotebas, Jimmigoan, Pekhuwa, Walung, Nurbuchoar Taklung etc. These places are inhabitant of Tamang and Sherpa community people. We make interaction with them. We can explore their local culture and tradition. Their humble behavior and kindness impresses us so much. In this way we achieve our destinations and return back to Kathmandu.

Arun Valley is long trekking route. We should be ready to walk in difficult trekking route. Trekking in route of Arun Valley is favorable in the month of March, April, May, September, October, November, and December. If you are willing to do trek in this route, just have a link with Forever Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd. You are fully secured with our team. We provide expert guides. Your management of all document verification, better accommodation is all done by our team. Every things and steps are taken as for your wish.

Brief Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive at Kathmandu

Day 02: Kathmandu exploration and preparation for trek

Day 03: Kathmandu to Tumlingtar

Day 04: Tumlingtar to Bhotebas

Day 05: Bhotebas to Num

Day 05: Num to Jimmigoan

Day 06: Jimmigoan to Nurbuchoar

Day 07: Nurbuchoar to Taklung

Day 08: Taklung to Daware Phuk

Day 09: Return back to Taklung

Day 10: Taklung to Walung

Day 11: Walung to Pekhuwa

Day 12: Pekhuwa to Riverside camp

Day 13: Riverside camp to Chewa Beshi

Day 14: Chewa Beshi to Tumlingtar and to Kathmandu and farewell

Day 15: departure


Day To Day Detailed Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive at Kathmandu

Landing your flight at TIA, our representative will be there for your warm welcome. He/she are for your arrival.  You will be shifted to your place of accommodation. You can have full rest after a long flight. From the next day our routine will be according to our itinerary. Make full preparation for it.

Day 02: Kathmandu exploration and preparation for trek.

We will spend our day roaming all around Kathmandu valley. For you there will be guide who will pick you up in your hotel. We will start our day tour after breakfast. It is very easy. At first we will visit Pashupatinath. It is holiest temple of Lord Shiva. Our next destination is Boudhanath. It is known as little Tibet. Finishing this we will move on to Swyambhunath. It is also known as monkey temple. Lastly we will drive to Basantapur Durbar Square. Finishing all this we will return back to hotel and make further preparation.    

Day 02: Kathmandu to Tumlingtar

Early morning we fly to Tumlingtar. Our flight will be undistributed for hours. From our flight we view glorious mountainous views with greenery hills. Arrival on Tumlingtar we move to our hotel. We can have plenty of time. Utilizing this time we explore about valley. Finishing this we make preparation for our trek.

Day 03: Tumlingtar to Bhotebas

We start our trek from Tumlingtar. Today our destination is Bhotebas 1600 m. Our phenomenon goes for about 6 hours in humpty dumpty trial. During this period we enjoy natural beauty of surrounding places. Our first day walk makes us quite tired. We will have enough rest.

Day 04: Bhotebas to Num

Having a breakfast we resume our trek to num village. Passing through many ridges we move to our destination. It create difficult in walking. Facing this difficulty we will be offered with spectacular view of Makalu Mountain. It is situated in northern part. Walking around 3 hours we will reach Mure for lunch. After resting some time we continue our walk to Num.

Day 05: Num to Jimmigoan

Early morning we continue our trek to Jimmi gaon. Our today’s route is little bit strenuous and tiresome. We leave the main trail. We walk to Arun valley. This phenomenal goes for about 1 to 2 hours. It will be in thick jungle. Crossing river we climb to side of Jimmigoan. This route is less crowed. Very few numbers of trekkers are seen.

Day 06: Jimmi goan to Nurbuchoar

From Jimmigoan we resume our journey to Nurbuchoar. Our today’s walk will also be in non trekking route. Later on we enter to Makalu Barun national park. Our main trial leads us to Nurbuchoar. Its surrounding is tranquil. Reaching on Nurbuchoar we can take night rest after a walking around 8 hours.

Day 07: Nurbuchoar to Taklung

Our today’s destination is Taklung village. We will be prepared to walk steep hills and reach Taklung. On reaching ridge we separate from Apsua River and Iswa. From the height fabulous beautiful sceneries of area will be so much impressive. Walking continuously on pasturelands we reach Taklung for our night.

Day 08: Taklung to Daware Phuk

Waking up early morning we will be ready for Daware Phuk. Walking through main trial we view panoramic view of Chamlang. In this way we reach south ridge. Till we reach Daware Phuk we will not stop our walk. Here we need to set up our camp by our self. We spend our remaining time we enjoy self made night.

Day 09: Return back to Taklung

Resting a night early morning we can visit around Daware Phuk. It will be just like short accumulation. Beginner trekkers always rest for one day. Having our lunch we return back to Taklung. But the expert trekkers always support and return back to Taklung. It will be easy to walk in same track. We know our path.

Day 10: Taklung to Walung

Having breakfast we resume our walk to Walung. It will be our long walk. We descend down through main trail of Arun valley to reach Walung. We will certainly enjoy Walung’s monastery and Gompa. There will be welcome from villagers of Walung. We can enjoy our night with kind hearted villagers.

Day 11: Walung to Pekhuwa

From Walung, we continue our trek to Pekhuwa. We follow western side of Arun valley. Though out the way, we will be offered with many beautiful glances. It will be full of joy. We meet with very few fellow trekkers in this area. After a long walk of 7 hours we reach Pekhuwa to spend our night.

Day 12: Pekhuwa to Riverside camp

In our returning journey it will be so much easy in walking. We just need to trek downward following the main trial to reach Riverside camp. Our way goes to Arun River. Our walk goes some time ups and some time track. Lastly we reach riverside camp of Sankhuwa River. This river is known as tributary of Arun River.

Day13: Riverside camp to Chewa Beshi

From Riverside camp, we continue our walk to Chewa Beshi. Chewa Beshi almost finishes our trek. We can easily reach Chewa Beshi. We need to only walk on farmed and forested terrain. Today’s walk is long distance walk in easy trial. Reaching on Chewa Besi we spend delightful night in a camp.

Day14: Chewa Beshi to Tumlingtar and to Kathmandu

Our today’s short walk will finish our trek. We will walk up to Tumlingtar. From here we catch a flight to Kathmandu. We leave the picture of Arun valley behind us. On arrival of our flight we will be shifted to our hotel. We may get some leisure time. Utilizing this time we can visit around the evening We will organize a small farewell program for you.

Day15: Farewell

Keeping good memory of Nepal, it’s time to return back to our home land. You will be given all instruction and management of your departure is all managed by our team. Hope you will again return back to Nepal for visiting next beautiful side.

Manual Note :

Once you conform our team will organize everything  for your suitable trip to Nepal.