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Mardi Himal Trek

mardi himal

Annapurna Regions have many fresh trekking route just designed. Mardi Himal route is very fresh. This area is hidden treasure of Annapurna region. This destination is very perfect in Annapurna region. Here we lack crowd. This makes peace and easy exploration. Our route offers us panoramic views of giant mountain ranges. Some are Annapurna, Machhapuchre, Dhaulagiri and Manaslu Mountain. Our routes are created on forest of bamboo and conifer. Settling in many beautiful villages, we can explore culture and tradition of local people. Combination of all these things impresses us so much. Our hanged mind gets fully refreshed walking on trekking route of Annapurna Mardi Himal.

From Pokhara we begin our Annapurna Mardi Himal Trek. This route is designed to refresh our mind. Most of our destinations are in high land of Himalayas. We enjoy all this and resume our journey to Mardi Himal. This route is quite memorable for us. Slowly preceding our self in zigzag track we reach our destination. Finishing our destination we have short round of Annapurna region. In this way we will lastly return back to Pokhara. Moving from low land to high land our entire trekking routes are panoramic. Our trek goes in very comfortable way. For this we need to walk long day and in challenging route.

In comparison Annapurna Mardi Himal route is moderate type of trekking. Trekking in route of Annapurna Mardi Himal is favorable in the month of February, March, April, October, November and December. If you are willing to do trek in the route of Annapurna Mardi Himal, just have a link with Forever Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd. You are fully secured with our team. We provide expert guides. Your management of all document verification, better accommodation is all done by our team. Every things and steps are taken as for your wish.

Brief Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu.

Day 02: Kathmandu exploration and preparation for trek

Day 03: Kathmandu to Pokhara

Day 04: Pokhara to Deurali

Day 05: Deurali to Forest Camp

Day 06: Forest Camp to Low Camp

Day 07: Low Camp to High Camp.

Day 08: Hike to Mardi Himal Base Camp and return to same place.

Day 09: High Camp to Forest Camp

Day 10: Forest Camp to Tolka

Day 11: Tolka to Jhinu Hot Spring

Day 12: Jhinu Hot Spring to Ghandruk

Day 13: Ghandruk to Nayapul and drive to Pokhara

Day 14: Pokhara to Kathmandu

Day 15: Farewell

Day To Day Detail Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival to Kathmandu.

Landing your flight at TIA, our representative will be there for your warm welcome. He/she are for your arrival.  You will be shifted to your place of accommodation. You can have full rest after a long flight. From the next day our routine will be according to our itinerary. Make full preparation for it.

Day 02: Kathmandu exploration and preparation for trek.

We will spend our day roaming all around Kathmandu valley. For you there will be guide who will pick you up in your hotel. We will start our day tour after breakfast. It is very easy. At first we will visit Pashupatinath. It is holiest temple of Lord Shiva. Our next destination is Boudhanath. It is known as little Tibet. Finishing this we will move on to Swyambhunath. It is also known as monkey temple. Lastly we will drive to Basantapur Durbar Square. Finishing all this we will return back to hotel and make further preparation.    

Day 03: Kathmandu to Pokhara (7 to 8 hours)

We will drive to Pokhara. During our drive it will be interesting to see roadside houses in corner of dense forest. After a drive of 7 to 8 hours we will be at Pokhara. Pokhara is one of the most beautiful cities of Nepal. In Pokhara we can spend our leisure time exploring around sweet city and area of beautiful Lakesides.

Day 04:  Pokhara to Deurali (2100m).

Early morning we have short drive to Kande. From Kande we will start our real trek. Viewing beauty of nature all around us we will slowly walk to our destination Deurali. For memory we will rest at some view point and capture some picture. In this way we will reach Deurali 2100 m to spend our night.

Day 05: Deurali to Forest Camp (2600m)

In morning we can explore around Deurali. Finishing this we walk to Forest Camp. Its real name is Nyauli Kharka. Forest Camp is nick name given by people. We will be walking on the forest of rhododendron and oaks. We follow the gentle ascent. In this way we reach forest camp to spend our night.

Day06: Forest Camp to Low Camp (2970m)

Spending a cool night at forest camp, we continue our climb to low camp. It is quite difficult to walk uphill. But we will be happy as our every step leads us to closer to the base camp of Mardi Himal. Keeping some strength & patience we to reach low camp 2970 m. It will be interesting & memorable.

Day 07: Low Camp to High Camp (3550m)

Today our hike will be just up to High camp 3550 m. Professional trekkers from Nepal can make the direct attempt to base camp from the low camp. As we are beginners, we will accumulate our self in high camp and slowly reach our destination. Fully walking on difficult path, we finally reach at high Camp for rest.

Day 08: Hike to Mardi Himal Base Camp and return to same place. (4500m)

Today is the day to fulfill our task of reaching on base camp of Mardi Himal. Our walk goes quite long as we will return back to high camp. We will not stop until we reach on base camp of Mardi Himal. On reaching top we will be offered with Spectacular view all around us. It will be so much impressive. We will return back after spending our few precious time. For memory we can capture picture in our camera. Fulfilling our task we return back to High Camp.

Day 09: High Camp to Forest Camp

From High camp we will directly return back to Forest Camp. We will walk through the same path. It will be very easy as we know today’s path and we just need to trek downward. We will be fully relaxed and enjoy our full journey. We will watch same thing. Our looking angle will be different to same things. It will give new sense in our mind.

Day 10: Forest Camp to Tolka

While returning from Forest Camp our next destination is Tolka. Our way goes easier as we will walk in very simple track. We can return by playing with nature. It offers us spectacular view of giant mountain ranges. Continuously walking for about 4 to 5 hours, we reach on beautiful land of Tolka.

Day 11: Tolka to Jhinu Hot Spring

Our today’s destination is Jhinu Hot Spring. Walking through beautiful forest of bamboo & rhododendron we reach Jhinu Khola. Here relax our self bathing on natural hot spring water. We will be fresh. Talking some moment of trip we finish our bath. Roaming some places around beautiful we return back.

Day 12: Jhinu Hot Spring to Ghandruk

From Jhinu Hot spring our next destination is Ghandruk. Ghandruk is biggest and most beautiful Gurung community village of Nepal. Today we only need to trek downward. It will be very easy in walking. We walk through Mesmerizing forest of rhododendron. We will not stop our walk till we reach Ghandruk.

Day 13: Ghandruk to Nayapul and drive to Pokhara

Our today’s walk will finish our trek. We will walk up to Nayapul. From here we drive to Pokhara. We need to walk through main trial of cultivated fields and meadows. We will cross old villages. We will have last look of pleasant views of great mountains. From Nayapul we will drive up to Pokhara.

Day 14: Pokhara to Kathmandu

Today we will return back to Kathmandu. We return back through the Prithivi highway. Greenery of highway will be so much impressive. Our lunch program is all managed in our way. We can have direct flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu. From our flight we cannot enjoy the nature like drive.

Day 15: Farewell

Keeping good memory of Nepal, it’s time to return back to our home land. We will organize a small farewell program for you. You will be given all instruction and management of your departure is all managed by our team. Hope you will again return back to Nepal for visiting next beautiful side.

Manual Note :

Once you conform our team will organize everything for your suitable trip to Nepal.